Organic Natural Energy drink boosts immediate energy, and improves daily energy metabolism for mitochondria to bring you durable strength and fresh beauty.

O.N.E nourishes and regenerates mitochondria – the energy factories of cells – keeping them healthy for efficient energy production and maintenance of the body’s life. Healthy mitochondria are key to preventing lack of energy, aging and disease.

The number and health of mitochondria will decrease when you consume foods that are derived from synthetic chemicals and poor in nutrients. That’s why we created O.N.E drink with 7 advantages for your energy:

  1. Provides a magical mix of energy input with Theine to keep the brain awake, Antioxidants to improve energy metabolism, Silica for collagen production and many other important minerals.
  2. No Headache, Fatigue and Obesity. You can rest assured because each 250ml can of Organic Natural Energy contains only 15g of organic golden cane sugar, which is within a safe range of the FDA’s recommended daily amount of added sugar of 50g.
  3. 100% organic plant-based ingredients. “10 Magic Ingredients” coming from Vietnam’s forests and highland mountains areas are certified based on EU and USDA international organic standards.
  4. Natural cooking process with 5 NOs: No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Additives, No Artificial Food Preservatives, No GMOs. With a deep knowledge of French cuisine, we apply natural cooking methods to create unique flavors and keep the nutrition of ingredients intact.
  5. Innovative refreshing herbal taste. Designed by a 2-star Michelin chef – Paris, O.N.E drink will subtly awaken the taste buds, bringing refreshment and relaxation!
  6. Transparent information with QRcode on each can. You can transparently trace organic ingredients from the farm to your health nutrition information. In addition, QRcode also helps you connect with the O.N.E community – Where people practice a healthy lifestyle. From there, you can discover and maintain your positive energy every day.
  7. Fair for life. 1% of revenue per can of O.N.E is contributed to the “Fair for Life Fund” to support small-scale producers, workers, and vulnerable farmers in rural areas to develop sustainably on their land.


Drink O.N.E every day to boost immediate energy and bring you durable strength and fresh beauty!