Glow Skin – Glow your skin!

Yah, true to its name, Glow Skin has ingredients including: O.N.E syrup, Su banana, coconut milk, bamboo coconut milk and cocoa – ingredients that have very positive effects on women’s skin.

✅ O.N.E syrup with rich antioxidant content, helps to balance free radicals and anti-aging!

✅ Bamboo coconut milk contains the trace mineral Silica, which helps the body produce collagen more effectively!

Cocoa contains polyphenols- the antioxidants with the effect of protecting the skin from darkening and pigmentation.

Su banana contains abundant vitamins C ,B6 and very high potassium helps to nourish, replenish moisture and maintain skin elasticity.

Glow Skin is not only good for skin health, but also has a delicious and unique taste. Surely you will be surprised by the many flavors of Glow Skin, from the bitter taste of cocoa to the characteristic aroma of bamboo and herbs of O.N.E syrup!

In particular, Glow Skin’s rate of USDA and EU international standard organic ingredients is 100%! Come on, let’s try Glow Skin!


Positive Energy: we provide authentic energy from organic ingredients which are certified by USDA, EU, Fair For Life label and natural seasonal products. The amount of nutrients of the drink is calculated according to the FDA standard daily value ratio, helping you to have an immediate and sustained energy.

Unique taste: our R&D has worked on innovative formulas which help you to sublimate your emotions, thereby helping you to be more creative.

Transparent traceability: each drink will be transparent with information about organic suppliers, processing processes, and recipes to help you connect with the drinks deeply.

Affordable price: from 30,000 VND to 59,000 VND, you can enjoy a drink with qualities that are not only safe for health but also enhance your beauty.

Suitable for digital lifestyle: you can sit at your office and order online. Beside that, you can connect with a strong O.N.E community with interesting events that give you the opportunity to discover and maintain your own mind-body energy.