Glow skin!

Glow skin with the main ingredients is organic banana, organic cocoa and O.N.E syrup.

Glow skin brightens and moisturizes great!

The organic banana contained in Glow skin is rich in vitamin E and water, which helps the skin retain great moisture.

At the same time, bananas also contain an abundant amount of vitamin A, which promotes faster skin cell metabolism, restores dull skin, and helps skin to be bright.

In addition, bananas have a high content of potassium and antioxidants that are very helpful in fading scars, removing dark circles, and giving the skin a natural glow.

Glow skin helps prevent aging!

Bananas are rich in vitamins like A, C, and E. These vitamins all work to prevent cells from aging, especially the skin.

Bananas also contain amino acids, which are important components for collagen production, which helps skin have better elasticity. Therefore, regularly eating bananas daily will prevent the formation of wrinkles, help beautiful and youthful skin.

The combination of vitamins A and C in bananas also prevents and supports the treatment of freckles and dark spots.

In addition, the cocoa ingredient in Glow skin also helps:

Restores the skin because it contains many antioxidants, fights the production of free radicals in the body, heals damaged skin quickly, and slows down the aging process and reduces wrinkles.
Limit the bad effects of the sun: In cocoa, there is an antioxidant called Polyphenol, which has the ability to absorb UV rays and help limit skin damage and prevent cancer. This substance is best absorbed orally, so the best way is to drink a glass of Glow skin every day so that the body absorbs the Polyphenols and the skin is healthy to reduce the harmful effects of the sun.
The best time to enjoy Glow skin is: 10am and 4pm!

Positive Energy: we provide authentic energy from organic ingredients which are certified by USDA, EU, Fair For Life label and natural seasonal products. The amount of nutrients of the drink is calculated according to the FDA standard daily value ratio, helping you to have an immediate and sustained energy.

Unique taste: our R&D has worked on innovative formulas which help you to sublimate your emotions, thereby helping you to be more creative.

Transparent traceability: each drink will be transparent with information about organic suppliers, processing processes, and recipes to help you connect with the drinks deeply.

Affordable price: from 30,000 VND to 59,000 VND, you can enjoy a drink with qualities that are not only safe for health but also enhance your beauty.

Suitable for digital lifestyle: you can sit at your office and order online. Beside that, you can connect with a strong O.N.E community with interesting events that give you the opportunity to discover and maintain your own mind-body energy.