Vitamin Kizz – Improve immune system!

After a stressful and tiring working week, the weekend is the time when we usually spend a lot of time resting, relaxing and re-energizing for the new week. Weekend is also a suitable time for us to purify the body with fruit and vegetable juices to strengthen the immune system. Especially the Covid 19 epidemic is coming back. Then you must try Vitamin Kizz!

Vitamin Kizz is made with O.N.E drink, orange – beet – carrot juice and pandan syrup. The Oranges, beets and carrots are rich sources of vitamins C and A – these are important vitamins that help strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. Besides, the amount of antioxidants from O.N.E drink also helps to balance free radicals in the body. This is especially important in preventing fatigue, lack of energy, and disease!

Finally, the taste of Vitamin Kizz is very modern, thanks to the combination of O.N.E drink and pandan syrup. This duo makes orange, beetroot, and carrot juice which are familiar, delicious and easy to drink.

Vitamin Kizz has an organic rate of 74.17% because some organic ingredients have not been certified USDA and EU organic according to Drinkizz standards.

Would you like to try Vitamin Kizz?