KIZZ TASTING – MAY 03, 2022 – with VU NGOC ANH

KIZZ TASTING – MAY 03, 2022 – with VU NGOC ANH

Have you all gone to the cinema to watch Extremely Easy Job? Recently, a fascinating and funny movie has been making the wind on Vietnamese screens!

Let’s follow O.N.E Station to join the epic birthday party of actor-model Vu Ngoc Anh – a very remarkable woman in the movie Extremely Easy Job!

To be trusted by Vu Ngoc Anh, the O.N.E team has created drinking recipes combined with O.N.E cans to be both chill and healthy! We were able to mix various cocktails and mocktails with attractive flavors. It is not easy as you thought! But thanks to ONE drink, which is naturally cooked from 10 essential herbs from the mountains and forests of Vietnam, it tastes an exceptional sour with the the great combination between spicy, salty, sweet, and fragrant taste.

Thanks to the movie actress Extremely Easy Job for trusting O.N.E Station to organize a drinking bar for all the guests.

Team O.N.E Station hopes that all guests at the birthday party have a great experience and once again, thank Vu Ngoc Anh so much for choosing O.N.E Station.

Let’s support the movie Extremely Easy Job at the cinema!

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